How To Build Your Shopify Store In Under 1 Hour

What is Shopify?

Why are the benefits of Shopify?

  • Extremely easy to use and it has a user-friendly interface. Even a newbie can make his way out and create a store in under an hour.
  • Your website is automatically optimized for mobile. Now that you know most of the internet browsers use their phone to shop online. Rest assured that your website will look and function great on mobile devices (this alone can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars for a coder to fix for you).
  • You can sell any kind of product. It may be physical or digital. This means you can get creative with your income streams
  • You can get your store analytics inside your Shopify dashboard. It helps you integrate directly with your Facebook business manager account and google analytics account, which in turn helps you keep track of your website performance.
  • You have high chances to show up in search results. Yes, you heard it right. Your website will be search engine optimized. You need to be sure you show up at the top when someone looks for your type of product. Shopify helps you get there!
  • There’s an add-on for almost every function you can possibly imagine for your shop. You just need to browse through Shopify App Store and you can find tons of add-ons.
  • Of course and how can I forget the Beautiful themes provided by Shopify. And guess what? All for complete free!! You can choose any theme and customize it to your needs. There are paid themes available too, but trust me, the free ones work way better.


What makes your store stand out?



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